Premarital Counselor

Department: Adult Ministries

Ministry: Counseling

Purpose: To provide excellent Biblical counseling for couples planning to get married that will prepare them for a healthy marriage and family life.


  • Be trained in the preparation of premarital counseling method
  • Counsel 1 couple per year
  • Have 4-5 counseling sessions with premarital couples


  • Complete Journey & Equip
  • Be married for at least 20 years

Skills, Passions, Abilities:

  • Ability to discuss and teach marriage principles

Spiritual Gifts:

  • Teaching, Shepherding
  • Discernment, Wisdom

Style of Position:

  • People/Task Oriented
  • Structured

Time Commitment:

  • 10-15 hours of counseling per premarital couple.
  • 1 year Commitment