Oak Hills Institute





Oak Hills Institute (OHI)

Discipleship is fundamental to the Christian faith! At Oak Hills Church, we believe that everyone can be discipled at any stage in their faith journey – from the very beginning to the life-long believer. Because of this we offer classes throughout the year for all stages of your faith walk.

OHI Courses

These 8-week courses are offered two times a year and provide fresh insight and knowledge in a small group atmosphere. Are you curious about who Jesus is, what He taught, or how we can really know him today? If so, check out Encounter Jesus. Wherever you are on your faith journey, start here.

Next, join Pastor Rod and our team of instructors for Journey/Equip. This class will explain who we are – our history, vision and passion as well as explain what membership at Oak Hills means. You’ll also discover your unique spiritual gifts and place of ministry at OHC.

Once you have completed Encounter Jesus and Journey/ Equip, the sky’s the limit! We offer courses on finances, spiritual health, parenting, marriage, different books of the Bible and more!

*New classes begin Fall 2021

OHI Big Classes

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of Big Classes open for everyone to attend. These classes are topic based – often focusing on current events or issues.