1570 Project


About 9 years ago, we met the previous owner of 1570 Century Point when we approached her about renting space in the building for our Wednesday night ministries. She shared that she was a Christian, and graciously offered to let us use the space for free. A few years later, she presented us with the opportunity to purchase the building.

After much prayer, meetings with the Board of Officers and Elders, and after asking for people to give to the project we bought the property in 2017. Two years later it was fully paid for. Since then, we’ve had renters in the building and that income has helped us to maintain it and use it when needed. Now, in 2023, we’ve begun demoing the interior of the building in order to remodel the property to be used as a community center – a place where OHC can be the church in our neighborhood in a way that our own church property would not allow us to. Our plans are for a community coffee shop, two spaces to rent out – one to the barber currently renting a space there, and one other renter. The rest of the space is to be used for all kinds of different ministry to our community to be a blessing and extend the love of Jesus.
If you would like to give to the 1570 Project, you can do so HERE