Next Generation Mentor

Department: Adult Ministries

Ministry: Men’s Ministry

Purpose: To guide and mentor young men ages 20s and 30s in their Christian spiritual formation, family roles of parent and husband, career and financial matters and time management.


  • Set up one meeting monthly with 3-4 young men
  • Attend meetings with pastor overseeing NGG ministry
  • Lead a Godly life as an example of Christ’s influence on your life


  • Complete Journey & Equip

Skills, Passions, Abilities:

  • Desire to see men mature in their Christian walk and manhood
  • Desire to encourage healthy marriages and families

Spiritual Gifts:

  • Teaching, shepherding, leadership
  • Discernment, wisdom

Style of Position:

  • Task Oriented
  • Structured

Time Commitment:

  • Regular phone calls, emails
  • One-on-one: 12 times/year
  • Quarterly NGG meetings
  • 1 year commitment