Hospitality Director

Department: Community

Ministry: Hospitality

Purpose: To give OHC a warm, welcoming, serving, Christian atmosphere during all service times – Sundays, Wednesdays, special services and events.


  • Oversee ushers, greeters, Welcome Center
  • Work with the Community Director to develop a plan/philosophy on the care of each area
  • Meet with coordinators for development, trouble shooting, and community
  • Meet guests and attenders
  • Make observations and monitor hospitality ministries on a regular basis


  • Complete Journey & Equip

Spiritual Maturity:

  • Stable/Growing

Skills, Passions, Abilities:

  • People Skills
  • A desire for people to be taken care of

Spiritual Gifts:

  • Leadership
  • Hospitality
  • Administration

Style of Position:

  • People Oriented
  • Structured

Time Commitment:

  • Services times as needed