Adult Small Group Leader

Department:  Community

Ministry: Small Group Ministry

Purpose: Help people connect relationally in groups that produce spiritual transformation, authentic community, and loving service to the church and people in need.


  • Plan for and coordinate your small group meetings
  • Pray for everyone in your group
  • Contact members of your group on a regular basis through emails, phone, one-on-one get-togethers, or groups
  • Build community, care for special needs and meet regularly
  • Prepare for small group lessons and facilitate group discussions that inspire growth in Christ
  • Select a co-leader developing their skills as you mentor
  • Shepherd your group members
  • Maintain unity by representing the philosophy of ministry and theology of Oak Hills Church


  • Complete Journey & Equip
  • Have participated in a small group.

Skills, Passions, Abilities:

  • Leadership
  • Hosting
  • People Skills
  • Organization

Spiritual Gifting:

  • Leadership
  • Shepherding
  • Mercy
  • Hospitality

Style of Position:

  • People Oriented
  • Structured/Unstructured

Time Commitment:

  • Meeting with small group
  • Regular training and leadership meetings