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Holy Week

March 28, 2021 - April 3, 2021

The week leading up to Resurrection Sunday is such a special time. Check in with us each day that week on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook for a special devotional from one of our pastors. There are also special activities listed below that you can do on your own or with your family to observe the day and make it extra meaningful!

Monday – Jesus Clears the Temple
Clear a space in your home that you can come back to throughout the week. This space should be somewhere you can place objects throughout the week as you do the activities.

Tuesday – The Woman Anoints Jesus’ Feet
Find a scented candle, essential oil, or perfume representing the aroma of the oil the woman used to anoint Jesus’ feet. If you use a candle, turn off the lights and light your candle. Turn on a worship song and spend some time in prayer.

Wednesday – Judas Betrays Jesus
Choose a silver coin – a nickel, a dime, a quarter. Take some time to write down the things we place before God in our own lives. If you have younger kids, count out coins by 1s, 5s, or 10s to 30 and re-tell the story of Judas betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

Thursday – The Last Supper
Today, find some bread or crackers and juice or water and take communion. Think about what communion means and then take it.

Friday – Good Friday (A devotional by Pastor Rod in lieu of a service)
Spend some time today out in nature – go for a walk, find two small sticks and bind them together in the form of a cross.

Saturday – Jesus in the Tomb
This day centers around silence, contemplation and remembrance. Take some time to contemplate Holy Week and all that you have heard and read this week. Find a rock that represents the stone rolled over the entrance to the tomb. Take this day to truly prepare your heart for Resurrection Sunday!

Easter Sunday: He is Risen! Let’s Celebrate! Join us either in-person or online as we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and that we can have new life through Him!


March 28, 2021
April 3, 2021
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