Worship Leader

Department: Service Planning

Ministry: Music

Purpose: Lead in utilizing the art of music as a tool that will minister to both seekers and the body of Oak Hills Church in entering into congregational celebration and worship.


  • Carry out the mission set by the Music Director of OHC
  • Provide a list of worship songs in keeping with the mission statement
  • Lead the Oak Hills body in a celebration and worship time
  • Lead and train a group of singers
  • Develop worship leaders
  • Lead band and vocal rehearsal before service


  • Complete Journey/Equip

Skills, Passions, Abilities:

  • Have a passion to lead people in the presence of God.
  • Lead worship team, work with band.
  • Create vocal parts/arrangements

Spiritual Gifts:

  • Leadership, Creative Expression
  • Discernment, Shepherding, Prophecy

Style of Position:

  • People Oriented
  • Structured

Time Commitment:

  • Writing/arranging parts and charts
  • Preparation for ministry time
  • Rehearsals with band and singers
  • Monthly Team Night meetings